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  • 2006 (Bottled) Churchill's Crusted, 75cl

Crusted was often the name given to Vintage Port in “Off Year” Vintages. It used to be shipped in cask to the UK and bottled by the respective wine merchant.
 Crusted Port is a Port of vintage quality which is often blended from Vintage port lots of two different years. It is aged in oak casks before being bottled and then matured in bottle for at least 3 years before being sold. It’s the only Port to have on the label the bottling year.

A full, dark ruby colour, a concentrated berry aroma and on the palate a broad structure with rich complexity and beginning to show the benefits of bottle age.
The bottle is sealed with a driven cork allowing it to be stored lying down. Care needs to be taken not to disturb the “Crust”. If it is taken from the horizontal position, it may be better to leave the bottle standing for a period of 2 hours before decanting. Once opened, it will keep for up to one week. Avoid air (vacuvin if in bottle) and store at constant cellar temperature.
Serving Recommendations
Crusted Port is delicious on its own after lunch or dinner, also excellent with plum pudding or strong cheeses such as Camembert and stilton.

 Save the natural sediment or crust for seasoning meats and adding to sauces.


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2006 (Bottled) Churchill's Crusted, 75cl

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